The Last Window memento

To Last Window: The Secret of Cape West είναι ένα από τα παιχνίδια που "όρισαν" το Nintendo DS και ανήκουν στο είδος του Noir Adventure.

Η δυσκολία του όμως είναι μνημειώδης ως παιχνίδι περιπέτειας και μυστηρίου οπότε οι Online οδηγοί χρήσεις (λέγε με Gamefaqs) είναι απαραίτητοι!

Ένας και μοναδικός οδηγός λοιπόν με βοήθησε στα ατοπήματά μου στο παιχνίδι, και το θέμα είναι πως για πρώτη φορά έγινα Contributor σε faq.

Βρήκα εντελώς τυχαία έναν τρόπο για τη λύση ενός γρίφου:

Hi I found out that in Chapter 6, maple bottle opening minigame, I tried to open but kyle struggled, and I dont know why, but I was blowing in the mic as I was struggling and it popped off falling to the ground and broke.
No need to search for the rubber band, just blow the mic while you touch the screen :)
Hahahah! Thanks for the hint, it looks like that did it all right! I've been trying and trying to figure it out, and blowing into the mic seems to be the key factor! It's a strange thing to have to do while opening a jar, and I don't quite understand where the creators got that idea. In any case, that seems to have solved the mystery. I'll be sure to credit you when I update my FAQ. Do you have any particular name you'd like to be credited as?
"Jim P" will do, thank you for that, As for the reason, well I think heavy breathing increases the oxygen in the blood so the muscle tissues work a little better? lol, we need a doctor to enlighten us.

Οπότε στο footer του οδηγού πλέων υπάρχει το memento μου:

- Many thanks to Jim P for finally figuring out the other way to open the 
maple butter jar! 

Axxxx, good times :) 
- 2/2/11 μεν, αλλά good times δε!


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